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Activ E-Book Compiler

E-books are getting immensely popular these days, but a well organized creation
Publisher's Description:
E-books are getting immensely popular these days, but a well organized creation may become cumbersome for the user. Moreover, there are many compatibility issues that may creep up making life difficult. However Activ E-Book is a powerhouse application that creates E-Books using the same engine as that of Internet Explorer, ensuring cent percent compatibility and also offers support to HTML, DHTML, JPEG and PNG graphics, JavaScript, animations, images, VBScript, and most of the Internet Explorer plug-ins. The user can create unlimited copies of e-books and there are no royalties or on-going fees for the usage of the program. The distribution process is also pretty easy as every e-book is composed as a self-contained Windows program, which can be distributed on any media on choice right from e-mails, Internet download, floppy disk, CD-ROMs, ZIP disks or anything else.
Activ E-Book is fairly easy to use and comes with an attractive Windows user interface with easy-to-use menus and buttons. It comes with Splash Screens and Start-Up Messages, Affiliate Referral Code Stamping, Built-in Search Engine, auto Installation Options, provision to Add-In Programs and Scripts and supports File Compression for creating king-size E-Books. It has many other useful features like Password protection, HTML protection, straightforward documentation, branding features, Internet linking, Integrity Self-Check, and every e-book contains a unique ESBN serial number for keeping track of all records, and managing distribution.


Attractive features like Built-in Search Engine. Affiliate Referral Code Stamping, etc.


No support for Vista.
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